Your Partners in Excellence

The Late Anthony J.Foderaro Sr. created V&F on the foundation of providing a custom designed product, at a competitive price, with quality that he was proud to put his name behind. Over 50 years later, and V&F still stands by these core values set by its founder. While still family owned, and operated, V&F Transformer has evolved to be your 1-stop shop for dry type transformer and reactive magnetic components and value added assemblies ranging from products that fit in the palm of your hand up to 5 MVA Medium Voltage Transformers housed in custom designed and developed NEMA rated enclosures. Our wide breadth of products paired with our global manufacturing footprint and best in class engineering team allows V&F to design powerful solutions for the most challenging customer applications.

Please contact us if you have any questions or require any additional information regarding our design, development, and global production capabilities.


Single Phase Transformers

V&F Transformer is proud to offer a wide range of single phase transformers ranging from 1 VA up to 250 kVA.

3-Phase Power Transformers

V&F Transformer is proud to offer a wide range of 3-Phase transformers ranging from low VA sizes up to 5mVA.

Single & 3-Phase Reactive Magnetics

V&F has dedicated the time, personnel and resources to become experts in the field of reactive magnetics.

Toroidal and C-Core Magnetics

V&F Transformer offers a wide variety of toroidal and c-core magnetics.

Value Added and Custom Assembly

V&F provides customers a myriad of value added and custom designed assembly solutions.


If you have any questions conatact us at:(630) 497-8070 or you can email us at