V&F Transformer Corporation was established in 1963. Our main focus of manufacturing is custom designed transformers and reactive magnetics ranging in size from PC board level beyond 5 MVA. This includes the design and production of both low and medium voltage (15 kV Class) products.V&F transformer offers a multitude of related services, such as custom design engineering, 2D and 3D mechanical modeling, plastic injection molded components, metal stampings, value added assembly, and low cost country source identification. V&F products are used in components such as low voltage lighting, uninterruptible power supplies, battery chargers, load banks, building controls and service a multitude of industries including Power Quality and Conditioning, Power Conversion/Motion Control, Next Generation Power Applications, as well as the Building Efficiency and HVAC markets.

V&F Transformer Corporation has earned a reputation as an innovative leader in the transformer manufacturing industry because of our engineering capabilities, multi-national footprint, quality and reliability, prompt delivery, and competitive pricing.