VF Transformer - Celina Headquarters
Opened in January of 2012, Celina Tennessee represents V&F’s newest production facility.  This 45,000 square foot facilityhas a wide open floor plan and is equipped with the necessary overhead cranes and heavy duty equipment required to produce large kVA transformers and reactive magnetics in high volumes.  The facility is strategically located in an area that allows production support to the Midwest, South, and East Coast of the United States as well as being home to a large labor pool of trained transformer production professionals.  Celina, Tennessee is the perfect facility for all of our customer’s high volume, large transformer requirements and provides the necessary capacity to support V&F’s growth for years to come.

Production Capabilities

Capacity(Size): 5 kVa up to 5 mVA (Dry Type)
Conductor Types: Copper and Aluminum
Conductor Style: Magnet Wire and Strip (Foil)
Lamination Types: Non-Oriented, Grain Oriented, 4Mil, 3Mil, 2Mil
Core Construction: EI, UI, Cut Core and Cruciform
Voltage Class: Low and Medium Voltage (Up to 15 kV Class)


Member of the UN Global Compact in regard to Labor, Human Rights, Corruption, and the Environment

Logistical Programs:

  • Reduced Lead Time Programs
  • Consignment/Vendor Managed Inventory Systems (domestic and internationally produced product)

Production Support and Facility Staffing:

  • Industrial/Process Engineering
  • Product Validation Testing
  • Production Support-Operations
  • Full service machine shop