V&F Transformer has over 15 years experience in China and a well developed footprint that includes a sourcing and sales office in Shenzhen as well as production facilities in the city of Zhuhai and the Hunan Province. The wholly owned, Zhuhai Facility is over 60,000 square feet and boasts high volume transformer production as well as metal stamping and plastic injection molding capabilities. Our well equipped facility and highly experienced staff in China produce high volume, fully customized small capacity transformers, coils, and reactive magnetics for our OEM customers located across the globe. With metal stamping and plastic injection molding equipment, V&F can provide custom bracketry, bobbins, and connections not available from standard raw material suppliers and allows V&F the ability to offer next level customization to our customers.

V&F a number of specialized logistical programs including consignment stocking, global drop shipping, and Intra-China shipping for customers with production facilities in Asia. The Shenzhen Sourcing and Sales Office provides V&F’s Global Procurement Team the platform to source raw materials and assembly components from low cost countries providing our customers the most cost efficient solutions to their requirements.

Production Capabilities

Capacity (Size): 1VA up to 30 kVA
Conductor Types: Copper and Aluminum
Conductor Style: Magnet Wire and Strip (Foil)
Lamination Types: Non-Oriented, Grain Oriented, Ferrite, and Powdered Iron
Core Construction: EI, UI, C and R Core, Toroidal, Open Coil
Voltage Class: Low Voltage


GE Environmental, Health and Safety Approved

Production Support and Facility Staffing:

– Procurement and Sourcing

– Quality Assurance-Management Representative

– Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

– Product Validation Testing

– Document Control

– Operations Support

– Asia Sales Support