• Prints, Production Processes, Engineering and Quality controlled by V&F Bartlett’s Staff
  • Switching Transformers
  • Toroidal Transformers
  • Large KVa Units (West Coast)
  • Value Added Assemblies : Hybrid Set-Ups: China & Mexico Build Structure
  • Metal Fabrication
    – Enclosures
    – Stampings
    – Standard Fabrication : Customized Brackets and Mounting Plates

Once again V&F Transformer Corporation listened to the needs and requirements of our customers and manufacturing in Mexico is another solution.For manufacturing large KVa transformers and toroids for our West Coast client base, we took initiative and set up capabilities in Mexico to serve our customers with transformers at the most competetive price possible. Besides offering better service to West Coast based customers our Mexico faciloty will also keep our pricing competitive in products that are not well suited for manufacture at our China facility.

V&F Transformer listened to the voice of our customer and has responded, being a truly global source for all of our customers magnetic and magnetic-related product needs.