V&F Transformer takes great pride in its ability to design, develop, and produce custom products for its customers, addressing unique and challenging applications in a wide range of industries.  V&F takes a unique approach to all requests for quotations (RFQs) and the thoroughness and dedication continues into the quality planning stages and through product realization and design validation through 100% testing of all products.Below are several process characteristics that separate V&F Transformer from its competition and ensures customer expectations are exceeded through the entire interaction:

Quoting/Design and Development

V&F Transformer designs and optimizes 100% of the RFQs that are submitted.  Optimization of designs is done through the use of computer aided design software and well documented and priority design standards.

V&F’s computer aided design software allows our engineering team to virtually prototype and provide predictive analysis of the units performance in the application.  This allows V&F’s engineering team to partner with our customers to develop a truly customized product to meet the challenges of the application.

Our global footprint and world-wide supplier network allows V&F to service all manner of volume requirements with production in the most cost effective locations.  Furthermore, V&F offers unique logistical options that allow V&F to provide a truly customized quotation that best services the customer’s logistical requirements and demand profiles.  Ask us about our hybrid assembly options, safety stocking programs, and logistical options.

V&F’s highly experienced engineering team, diverse supplier network, and China based metal stamping and plastic injection molding capabilities allows V&F to provide value added assembly options including standard and custom enclosures, bus networks and circuit protection systems, custom sheet metal, covers, frames, and bobbins and other assembly requirements.  These value added assembly options allow our customers to reduce labor requirements and provides access to low cost country sourcing through V&F’s footprint.

Quality Planning and Pre-Production:

V&F implemented a wide variety of advanced product quality planning (APQP) processes which include:

• 6 Sigma Process Development and Lean 6 Sigma Custom Cell Creation

• Complete PPAP and CPK Analysis and Documentation

• Solidworks 3D Modeling of Transformers, Reactive Magnetics, and Assemblies

All products designed and developed by V&F are detailed by a custom print package which includes a custom test plan, and other documents deemed necessary by our Quality Engineering Team to ensure compliance with customer and agency requirements.  V&F is capable of accommodating most custom test requirements and can develop product specific test stands and go/no-go electrical and mechanical fixtures for repetitive products.

V&F is well versed in designing for and achieving various agency approvals and can facilitate the sampling and engineering support for obtaining these 3rd party certifications.

Product Realization and Quality Record Control

V&F Transformer electrically tests and mechanically inspects 100% of the products it produces in all of its facilities.  V&F has implemented custom go/no-go testing where applicable to ensure effective and efficient inspection.  Furthermore, V&F performs a number of different in process inspections detailed by its various product Quality Control Plans.

V&F utilizes an on-line based document control system to control production documents, customer correspondence, and quality records.  This ensures adequate control of the documents and quality records created by the various processes and procedures and ensures V&F’s ability to provide engineering and quality support for order shipped around the world.  Our on-line based document control system is hosted off-site in a military grade hosting facility ensuring uninterrupted access and security for print packages, quality records, and other critical documentation.

V&F has developed a production footprint with multiple redundancies.  V&F can produce 99% of the product manufactured at its wholly owned Zhuhai China Facility in Bartlett, IL and Celina, Tn can provide redundancy and overflow support for a majority of their production.  This allows V&F flexibility and also ensures your lines will never be down.  V&F can accommodate expedites, and spike orders as well as overcoming influencing factors outside of our control (natural disasters, port strikes, etc).


Process Interaction Flow Chart