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V&F Transformer is proud to have an seasoned and highly capable design team that is at the center of our technology based and customer focused approach.  Our engineering team boasts the following accolades and capabilities that allow us to develop powerful magnetic solutions:

  • Over 150 Years of Electrical and Mechanical Transformer Design Experience
  • Access to various subject matter experts that allow our engineering team to optimize the raw materials such as Electrical Grade Steel, Copper/Aluminum Conductor, Plastics, and other materials to ensure efficient and effective performance.
  • V&F’s engineering team is equipped with the latest technology to quickly design and optimize transformer and reactive magnetic application solutions.  This same software also allows us to virtually prototype a product, provide 3D models, and run material simulations to expedite the design and development process and quickly move into production.
  • All documentation is controlled in our on-line document control system.  This system is remotely hosted in a military grade facility to ensure consistent access around the clock and provide security to our production documents and quality records.

Our engineering team is well versed in a number of industries including but not limited to the following (see the markets served section for more information):

  • Power Conversion and Motion Control
  • Power Quality and Conditioning
  • Next Generation Power
  • HVAC and Building Efficiency Products

V&F is proud to list the following product and construction types within our core competency:

  • Unit Type
    • Power Transformers
    • Reactive Magnetics
    • Low and Medium Voltage
  • Unit Application/Specifics
    • General Purpose
    • Drive Isolation Products
    • 12, 16, 18, and 24 Pulse Transformers
    • High Frequency Units
    • Value Added Assemblies
    • Tape and Reel Components
  • Construction Types
    •    Toroidal Construction
    •    C-Core Construction
    •    Gapped Core Construction
    •    Stepped/Miter Core Construction
    •    Bobbin Type
    •    Paper Section Type
    •    Single and 3-Phase
    •    Interleaved Core
    •    Butt-Stack and Welded Core
    •    Potted/Encapsulated Construction
    •    Distributed Gap (DG) / Evans Core
    •    Ventilated/Enclosed Construction

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