Custom Transfomer Solutions

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  • Single Phase Transformers

    Our single phase units can be designed to meet a number of agency approvals and customized to offer

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  • 3-Phase Power Transformers

    Our 3-Phase units are designed to meet UL insulation system and UL 1561 Standard Construction requir

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  • Single Phase and 3-Phase Reactive Magnetics

    Our design engineers can help you with whatever filtering you may need whether that be in the form o

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  • Toroidal and C-Core Magnetics

    Toroidal units are typically used in applications in which there are size constraints or other sensi

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  • Potted / Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated (TENV) Magnetics

    The V&F engineering team can design a magnetic, whether it be a transformer or a reactive compon

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  • Value Added and Custom Designed Assembly Solutions

    V&F Transformer’s global footprint, versatile supply chain, and best in class electrical and mech

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